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How to Peel a Kiwi: Simple and Easy Methods

Kiwifruit is a small, berry-shaped fruit generally consumed in Australia and New Zealand and loved by the people there. Though it originated from China, kiwis are devoured all over the world. A Kiwi consists of a thin, fibrous, caramel-coloured skin which is edible, a green fleshy part inside with tiny black colored seeds through the center. Here, I will be taking you through different methods regarding How to peel a kiwi.

How to Peel a Kiwi: Different Methods
How to Peel a Kiwi: Easy Methods

Some Nutritional facts of Kiwi

Vitamin C, Vitamin K, folate, Vitamin E, and potassium in Kiwi make it one of the most nutritionally rich fruits. Along with its nutritional value, Kiwi’s sweet and sour flavour makes it extremely delicious both to be consumed directly or by making some delicious dish out of it like kiwi lemonade, cakes, smoothies, sorbet, and salad. Following are some of the benefits of Kiwi:

  • Since kiwi is a source of Vitamin C, it can boost the immune system. Daily consumption of Kiwi helps to stay fit and healthy.
  • The fiber content which is present in Kiwi can improve digestion. Studies show that consuming kiwi helps to break the food and thus helps digestion.
  • The Zeaxanthin and lutein content in Kiwi makes it extremely beneficial for better vision. Having Kiwi on a regular can improve your eyesight.

 Even though Kiwis are a very good source of nutrients, there are some things you should keep in mind while having kiwi. Like every other fruit, kiwi has a high sugar content in it, which can affect a diabetic person. Thus, everyone should keep a balance in their everyday diet because overconsumption is never good. 

Another factor to look into is that kiwis can cause allergies. People who are allergic to nuts or any other fruit might also be affected by Kiwi. Thus, one should notice whether they are having any symptoms of allergy after consuming Kiwi. If the reaction is mild, terminate consumption immediately, and in severe cases consult a doctor. Let’s get onto How to peel a Kiwi

How to peel a Kiwi: Different Methods

There are many different methods of cutting vegetables and fruits depending upon how you want to use them.

Scooping out with a spoon

This is one of the easiest methods of peeling the kiwi out. It is very convenient, especially when you are planning to smash the kiwi to make smoothy or mocktail out of it, and there is no compulsion of having a perfect shape. For scooping out the kiwi you just need to slice the edges of the kiwi or one side will also do just to have an opening and you can easily dig through the walls of the skin of that kiwi and scoop it out.

Cutting out the sides

If you have a knife available, you can cut out the side. You need to be a little skilful while handling the knife and peeling just the outside part of the Kiwi and saving the actual fruit inside. For this, you need to cut out the top and bottom part of the Kiwi which will give a flat base. You can put the flat side on the hard surface and carefully cut out the peels, saving the maximum of the fruit. Later, you can slice it the way you want.

Glass Method

Another convenient and widely accepted method is the glass method. Here, you have to again start by cutting the edges and then slice it into half. Take one half on the one hand and a sharp-edged glass on the other hand. Use the glass to scoop out the fruit, leaving behind just the peel and kiwi drops inside the glass. This is a very hygienic process because at no point you need to touch the main fruit. You can easily make juice with that kiwi.

Peeling with the help of a peeler

This is also a very simple method of peeling the skin of the kiwi is, by using a peeler. You just need to have a peeler available for this. You can get rid of the skin by peeling it. Remember to slice the edges first, because this will help the peeler to have an edge from where the skin can be peeled. 

Thus, these are a few of the methods which I think you can use to peel a Kiwi effectively depending on your need and available utensils. 

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I hope this article has been useful for the readers, especially the ones who are having Kiwi for the first time and are willing to know the different methods of peeling the Kiwi. Keep in mind no matter how you peel the kiwi; it is an extremely nutritious and tasty fruit, so you must make every bite of it. Hope we have been able to end your search for How to peel a kiwi. Enjoy having the Kiwi!

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