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How To Fix Undercooked Rice: Simple and Easy Guides

Since not all of us are great at cooking, there are times when we put ourselves in a difficult situation while cooking, or we make some disastrous dishes. Different types of rice require different measurements of water and heat for perfect cooking. Hence there are times when we happen to undercook or overcook the rice. 

If you ever find your rice is undercooked, never let it go wasted. There are many simple methods and tricks to transform the undercooked rice into cooked. But first, let’s check the reasons behind undercooked rice:

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How To Fix Undercooked Rice: Simple Guide
How To Fix Undercooked Rice

How To Fix Undercooked Rice: Reasons behind undercooked rice

Less water

Different types of rice require different measurements of water and heat to get cooked. Not adding the right proportion of water is the primary reason behind undercooked rice. When you cook rice, you need to add the appropriate amount of water; only then your rice will be perfectly cooked. Different types of rice require different amounts of water.

Therefore, if you put less than the required amount of water in rice, your rice will be uncooked. Half a cup of water would just get it fully cooked. Whichever rice you are cooking, add a half cup of water, put the lid on, and let it simmer till the water disappears.

However, some thick-grained rice requires one cup of water to get cooked. Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Rice You can Google your question or ask for suggestions from your friend or relative who is good at cooking.

An inappropriate amount of heat

Even if you put the exact amount of water required for the rice to get cooked, make sure to cook it in the required heat. High heat may result in half-cooked rice because when you cook in high heat, the heat will only dry up the water faster, and your rice will remain half cooked. Since low flame will take too much time, medium heat will be perfect for cooking rice.

 Don’t forget to put the lid

One mistake that most people make while cooking rice is that they forget to put the lid off. When you don’t put the lid on, the vapor rising from the water will easily mix in the air and with room temperature, thus leading to drying up of water very quickly and leaving the rice uncooked.

When you put the lid from the beginning, evaporation takes place in the vessel, and condensation happens inside only. The water droplets formed due to condensation will fall over the rice itself, thus helping the rice in softening.

Therefore, putting on the lid on the cooking vessel is very important to cook the rice properly.

Therefore by putting the appropriate amount of water, applying medium flame and, covering the cooking pot with lid results in perfectly cooked rice. 

How To Fix Undercooked Rice: Simplest and Easiest ways

Sometimes we happen to undercook rice and couldn’t find a proper solution to fix it. However, fixing undercooked rice is not a big issue. You can get your undercooked rice fixed by just following the simple methods given below.

Add a little bit of extra water.

Just if your rice happens to be undercooked, don’t panic. Simply add a little bit of extra water to the rice and follow these simple steps.

  • Add a half cup of water to the uncooked rice.
  • Let it cook for a while in medium flame, till the water disappears from the rice.
  • When you realize that the water has disappeared, shut down the flame and check whether the rice is cooked or not.
  • To check whether it is cooked or not, you have to taste it, and if it feels soft, then your rice is ready.
  • You can also check it by rubbing it in between your index finger and thumb. If the rice happens to be soft and gets easily smashed, then your rice is ready.
  • If you still find a bit of coarseness and hardness in rice, then you have to put some extra water again and let it cook for a while on medium flame.
  • Check the rice again by tasting or pressing. If the rice is soft, then it’s ready to be served at the table.
  • Some hard-grained rice may require more than a half cup of extra water to get cooked. You can add one cup of extra water to hard-grained rice.

This is the most straightforward and easy method to cook undercooked rice fully. This method might take a little longer, but it is easy and does not require other things to get the rice cooked. It just requires some extra water, and that’s it. Make sure you don’t forget to put the lid properly.

Add water-diluted wine

This method is effortless and less time taking.

  • All you need to do is poke some holes in the center of the rice in the vessel with the chopstick.
  • Then put the same amount of water-diluted wine as you had put the water in the beginning. Sprinkle the water-diluted wine on the holes you made.
  • Let it simmer for five minutes. After five minutes, your rice will be ready to get served.

 Although this method is very easy and quick, not everyone may have diluted wine or chopstick in the hour of need. But if your pantry always consists of these two things, this method is very fast and easy.

Microwave method

This is perhaps the fastest method to fix the undercooked rice. This method is very helpful, especially when you don’t have enough time or when you just happen to be running out of time. In such situations, don’t rush but simply follow these easy steps.

  • Just put your undercooked rice in a microwave-proof bowl.
  • Then take out two paper towels, wet those in water, and then squeeze the paper towel’s water over the rice. Squeeze up to 20% of water over the rice.
  • Then wet the towels again and cover the bowl with these wet towels.
  • Put the rice bowl covered with wet paper towels inside the microwave and leave it there for 2 minutes.
  • After 2 minutes, your rice will be soft and ready to get served.

However, this method requires a microwave oven, and it is not possible for people who don’t have microwave-oven to follow this method. So if you don’t have a microwave, you can opt for the above two methods.

 Rinse before cooking

If the rice is already being soaked in water for more than half-hour, then you don’t need to add much water to get it cooked.

Rinsed rice, as well as soaked rice, usually are never left undercooked; but if it somehow happens to be undercooked, then you can follow the same above three methods to get the rice cooked properly.

Be it pre-soaked or not, do make sure to rinse it before cooking.

Final Takeaway

Cooking rice is not rocket science. It is very simple. There are varieties of rice recipes across the world with different cooking styles, but the basic method of cooking rice is almost the same everywhere, whether you are cooking rice with vegetables, meat, or simply plain rice.

Rice is the staple diet in many countries across the world. Hence, people in those countries know how to cook rice perfectly. However, there are also countries where rice is not the staple diet. Many people face problems while cooking rice. By following these simple methods, you can get the rice cooked properly. Hope we gave you the answer to How To Fix Undercooked Rice

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