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How to cut green onions? Simple Steps & Types of Cuts

Before explaining the steps and styles of cutting green onions, let’s clear the common confusion that green onions and scallions are the same. These mild-tasting onions are great ingredients in multiple cuisines, especially Asian Cuisine

Apart from enhancing the flavor and adding texture, they are rich in fiber and help fight cancer. Cutting of green onions may look very easy as they are soft and crunchy. But if you want to do it skillfully, you need to know how to cut green onions for different cuisines.

How to Cut Green Onions: Simple Steps

Get ready to brush your cutting skills

Green onions have 2 parts – green and white; both are eatable. The green part emits an oniony zing while the white part, shaped like a bulb, tastes sharper. 

If you run out of onions, you can always manage with the white onion bulbs. Discard the wilted tops, if any, and peel off the slimy skins on the white portion. Take the bunch and rinse thoroughly under cool water to get rid of dirt.

So, How to cut green onions? What are the requirements? Basic requirements for cutting green onions are a chef’s knife and a non-slip chopping board. A kitchen scissor can be a great substitute for the chef’s knife. However, if you are interested in chopping it like professionals, the chef’s knife is the only option.

How to cut green onions? Points to remember

  • Chose bright-colored crisp green leaves for ultimate taste and chopping ease.
  • Discard broken or rotten leaves before storing.


  • Line the green onions on the surface of the chopping board
  • Chop off the stringy root ends from almost 1/4inch above the white parts
  • Slice off the 2inches from the top green parts
  • Remove the outer layer with a thin cut
  • Start slicing as per your requirement
  • Start cutting from the white part and move upward towards the green ends.

Cutting the Green Onions: Types of Cut

The Answer to how to cut green onions depends on the cuisine.

As green onions fit well in endless dishes, the cutting styles may vary depending upon the recipe. Chopped green onions are widely used in Chinese cooking like rice items, and julienne is used to make Hakka noodles. Let’s take a deeper look into the cutting techniques.

For instance, if you are adding it for garnishing salads, soups, stews, salsas, and other items where it will go uncooked, better to cut in thin slices about 1/8-inch thick. A diagonal cut looks best.

Hold the bunch firmly and tilt the knife at a 75-degree angle. Make sure the knifepoint touches the chopping board. Start chopping, keeping your fingers firmly on the bunch. Move from the white to the green part.

1-inch slices suit well for stir-fries recipes like vegetables and meat dishes. Here you can use two parts in two different steps. First, the white part is cut into a round shape for frying and cooking with the main ingredients. The green can be cut in halves and chopped for garnishing.

For adding in gravy items, a heavier cut is needed so that it can stand the heat. A slice at a 45-degree angle looks perfect. Even cutting the white portion into long slits will enrich the look and taste of the gravy.

Bite-size or julienne can be used for garnishing too. It involves 2 steps. First, cut a 2inch slice; after that, cut half lengthwise. Put the slices flat and then again a crosswise cut on those half pieces. The thin slices for julienne are ready. This can be added to scrambled eggs too.

For making finely chopped green onions use a chef’s knife and cut in a rocking motion. These can be stuffed into sandwiches. It is a widespread cut and can be used in regular cooking too.

The green and white part has to be chopped in two different shapes for using veg fried rice. First, separate the onions and the greens. Chop the greens first as thinly as possible in a circular motion. Now take the onions and half it. Then give a through the vertical cut and then a horizontal cut. See how finely it comes out.

A raw vegetable tray can be adorned with long green onions. Here the green part is almost discarded. Only the white part acts as a cherry on the cake. First, trim out the green part and get the white ones ready.

Take a single white bulb at a time. Cut the middle without disturbing the other end in a style where there is a slit of about 3-4 inches in the white part. Then slit both sides and see how nicely the white bulb turns out in a flowery shape. Place it in the middle of a salad or raw vegetable tray. That’s how it will become the center of attraction.

How to Cut green onions using Scallion cutter

Scallion cutter is primarily used for shredding green onions. It is easy and convenient to use. The process begins the same as holding the bunch and pressing the cutter deep into the bunch. White parts first, then the green.

Press it in the middle of the bunch and full downwards. Rotate the bunch and repeat the step till you get all the shreds. Now turn the bund and press on the thick green part and drag down till the tip. Rotate and repeat the cut.

That’s how you will get the shredded green onions. Mix the green and white for a tempting look. Throw into the pan for stir fry or use it as toppings. The shredded onions will impart their flavor and color in any way.

Smart tip – if you don’t have a scallion cutter use a fork. It is equally efficient.

How to cut green onions for Food art

Green onion curls

For making curls, the green part rocks, not the white onion bulb.

After trimming the white portion, cut the spring onions into sections.

Slice each piece into thin and wispy strips

Soak in ice water for 5 minutes and see the curls.

Frilly green onion flower tree

Eliminate the green and retain the whitetail. Do not disturb the head and thinly slice the remaining portion. Give as many slits as possible. Soak in cold water for an hour. Observe the frills blooming out like a flower.

Storing tip – though green onions are available year-round, you can also refrigerate them by wrapping them in a plastic bag.  

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Green onions are different from traditional onions. Beginners find it tricky where to put the first cut. Some also throw away the greens. But as I said, both are edible and eagerly tasty. Hope the above content will satisfy your eagerness to learn some skills of cutting green onions. Usually, beginners hone their knife skills by chopping green onions as they are the most easily available and prices reasonable. So start practicing and toss them into your dishes.

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