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How Long Does Quinoa Last : Get the Best Answer Here

Do you know how long does quinoa last? Well, if you don’t, then relax, you are not alone, as there are many people across the world just like you. In this article we will address this question in detail.

“Quinoa”, this name has become quite popular nowadays and people find it an alternative way of a nutritious diet. So people are replacing rice, wheat, and oats with quinoa in their diet.

Often we brought a lot like one or two big bags to save our time and labor from frequent buying. But then we wonder how to store it and how to keep it so that it will stay in a good condition. Sometimes we have cooked a lot and try to store it in refrigerators to avoid regular cooking.

But our main concern becomes how to store the cooked as well as the raw quinoa. So here we are to answer all of these questions. We have researched over this topic and find out the best solution regarding this matter.

But before jumping into the topic let’s find out some interesting facts about quinoa.

How Long Does Quinoa Last

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is an edible whole grain that is rich in protein, dietary fiber, vitamin B, dietary minerals. It contains 9 essential amino acids. The values of these substances are greater in quinoa than in other kinds of grains. Due to its immense popularity and consumption, the price of quinoa is getting higher.

Mainly three kinds of quinoa are available in the market. These are (i) White Quinoa, (ii) Red Quinoa, and (iii) Black Quinoa.

White quinoa is most delicious in taste and lighter in texture than another kind of quinoa. When you cook it, it will be fluffier. Red quinoa is much richer in taste and looks brown when cooked. But it is a little chewier than other kinds of quinoa.

Black quinoa is sweeter. Some other kinds of quinoa apart from these above-mentioned types are orange quinoa, purple quinoa, tri-color, or rainbow quinoa.

Does Quinoa Go Bad?

Quinoa seeds are sold in a dry texture. So it’s hard to go bad for raw quinoa. You can store it for long in a dry and dark place. But still the question remains, how long does quinoa last?

But if it’s cooked then there are chances to get rotten. You first identify this stage by smelling it. It will smell intolerable. Finally, you will see some changes in its texture like turn hearty and mold build-up. Then it’s not safe for consumption and better throws it in the trash.

How Long Does Quinoa Last? (Cooked Version)

This thing depends on the mode of storage. If you keep it outside the refrigerator at normal room temperature after cooking then it will last for 2 hours. Then it will start festering.

But if you keep it in the refrigerator in an air-tight container, then it will last for 7 days. But try not to contaminate the storage. You can now stop searching for how long does quinoa last, as you have got your answer.

Signs that Quinoa Has Gone Bad:

As we have discussed above, the primary sign is that there are some changes in its texture. It will become hard and you will smell rancid. And if you closely examine this, you will see some mold development in it.

Then you finally confirm that it has gone bad. As it is dangerous to consume spoiled food, it’s better to throw that quinoa away.

How to Store Quinoa?

Sometimes to make our job easier, you shop all the items at once in a large quantity. But then the problem arises when it comes to storing those items. It’s hard to tell when the raw quinoa goes bad. If you store it properly, you can extend its lifespan from 2 to3 years.

All you need to do is, take an airtight container (as per the quantity of quinoa). Then pour the quinoa in it and close the mouth of the container tightly.  Now you can keep the container in a dark and cool place like a kitchen cabinet.

But before pouring the quinoa into the container make sure that the container is completely dry. A single drop of water inside the container can build up fungus and bacteria. As quinoa is not a cheap item, so you need to be extra careful about its storage.

Risk Of Consuming Expired Quinoa:

It’s important to know how long does quinoa last, because like every other package or non-package food item, quinoa also has a date of expiry. This means that this item is best before that day and it will slowly start rotting after that day.

But mistakenly, if you consume expired quinoa then you can suffer from food poisoning. Food poisoning includes the below symptoms.

Headache: Due to food poisoning, some water is dragged out from your body. This dehydration first affects the brain and causes headaches. It is advised to consume more and more water to get out of this situation rather than taking some pain killer.

Diarrhea: When consuming some mal products, your body eliminates those things through defecating.

Vomiting: This one is another way of eliminating the harmful substance from your body. You should take more water with some oral rehydration solution during this time.

Dehydration: As excess water is coming out of the body due to vomiting, diarrhea, you feel dehydrated. There is only one solution to dehydration is to drink plenty of plain water or better you take water salt and sugar.    

Loss of appetite

Stomach cramp

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FAQs :

Does quinoa go bad if left out?

Ans: Perishable food items should be refrigerated within 2 to 3 hours and quinoa falls under this category. So if some extra quinoa is left out after having your meal, then you should refrigerate it without further delay.

In any case, if you forget to put it inside the refrigerator then it is advised that not to consume that. Because by that time, it will start decomposing.  

Can you put hot quinoa in the fridge?

Ans: Not only Quinoa but also every food item should not be kept in the refrigerator in hot condition. It’s better to give 10 to 20 minutes for cooling the quinoa down. Then put it into the freezer container and store it.

When you put hot quinoa inside the fridge, your fridge comes under some extra pressure to cool it down. It can cause some serious damage to the compressor of the fridge.

Is it OK to eat quinoa every day?

Ans: Quinoa is full of many important nutrients that a person should have every day. The nutrients include high protein, essential amino acid, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Some studies show that having quinoa every day will decrease the chances of premature death due to cancer, heart diseases, and other serious diseases. So it’s absolutely OK to eat quinoa every day. It will make you more strong and healthy.


No doubt adding quinoa to your diet makes you healthier and it is good for both young and old aged people. But when you buy something in plenty of amounts then you need to store it properly. Otherwise, you may waste this.

As quinoa has become expensive nowadays, you should become more careful and follow the right technique to store it. In our article, we have discussed the right technique of storing it. Much other valuable information is also given. Hope you find that information on how long does quinoa last useful in your life. 

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