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How Does an Electric Smoker Work? Get the Best Answer Here

Electric smokers are increasingly gaining popularity in professional as well as house kitchens. Run by electricity alone, these smokers have great practical utility in terms of space and functionality. But do you know how does an electric smoker work?

It’s true that the compact electrical appliance consumes little space in your kitchen and equips with advanced functionalities. You can simply put in your food, turn on the specific buttons, and just relax till it’s cooked.

But still, many people have confusions regarding its working procedure and more. I often see many uneasy people with the concept of using an electric smoker, despite knowing its efficiency.

how does an electric smoker work

You might think that once the food is inside the smoker, you lose all control of what’s happening to its cooking. It is probably for this reason that people tend to avoid using electric smokers. They fear it’s complicated!

Let me bust this myth with this article. Electric smokers are self-sufficient performers, capable of regulating the entire smoking process with minimal human supervision. 

So, even if you leave your food at your electric smoker’s mercy, you can see your food come out in a delectable form. Just press the right buttons at the right time, and you get it just the way you want it!

Understanding the Working Principles of an Electric Smoker:

Before knowing about how does an electric smoker work, you must know about its working principles. Despite the wide scope of practical utilities in the cooking space, electric smokers operate on very simple terms. The functioning is quite similar to that of a toaster oven. 

Its interior features a number of heating elements that work to raise the temperature inside the appliance. The heating elements heat the fish, meat, or vegetables you place inside to a specific temperature to perform proper cooking.  

Forming the Smoke and Trapping it: 

A wood chip container inside the electrical appliance creates the smoke. When the wood chip container gets heated up, it starts forming smoke inside the smoker. It is this smoke inside that cooks the food, adding a tantalizing smoky flavor to it. The smoker cannot release any smoke without your command. 

It is effectively sealed, and thus the heat cannot leak out unless and until you press the right button to release it.  

How to Ensure Optimum Efficiency for an Electric Smoker

To ensure that an electric smoker can utilize its efficiency to the fullest with the least attention of yours, you need to take care of a few things:

Ergonomic construction: Vertical design:

Even if it is the smallest electric smoker, you should see that it is designed to enable maximum space inside. Unlike commonplace smokers having a horizontal build, electric smokers mostly sport a vertical construction. This helps in accommodating a lot of food on several racks, vertically on top of each other. 

Charcoal is not the heat source in an electric smoker, so the heat sources are not just located at the bottom. The heat sources in an electric smoker are distributed all over the appliance. The expedient vertical design with distributed heat sources helps cook more quantities of food with more efficiency.

Selecting the Right Wood Chips

Using the right kind of wood chips is the key to delicious smoking. The taste of your smoked food principally depends on the choice of wood chips you are adding. As you won’t be using charcoal, the food you cook in a smoker will carry the wood chips’ essence. So, you need to choose proper wood chips to get your desired taste of meat.

Usually, electric smokers feature a wood chip panel where you can add the wood chips. The ‘wood chip panel’ technique works to imbibe the smoky essence into the meat. 

The best thing about wood chip panels in electric smokers is that you seldom or never have to replace the wood chips midway. 

During the entire smoking process, you do not need to check on or regulate the temperatures.

Easy-to-Operate Settings:

The most amusing thing about electric smokers is, the functions are amazing, but the operation is extremely simple and easy. Every electric smoker features a variety of cooking options in its settings. 

Different models have different settings and options, but the settings are easy-to-read and easy-to-operate. All you have to do is simply select the different modes of cooking to cook the food in different ways.  

If you want a barbecue or slow smoke meat, you will find specific buttons for all of these. It just needs a push of your finger to perform a specific style of cooking you choose.

Having said this, it is wise to choose the electric smoker that is apt for your cooking purposes. Learn about the features and functions carefully before making any buying decision.

How Does An Electric Smoker Work?

Using an Electric Smoker:

Follow the simple steps to cook the food you’re craving in the smoker: 

  • Firstly, place the wood chip panel and water pan properly. Make sure the pan has no water in it.
  • Next, check if your electric smoker is plugged in. Once it is plugged in, press the power button and turn it on.
  • You need to raise the temperature till it reaches a minimum degree of 275 F.
  • The standard time for setting the timer is three hours.
  • After the first two hours of the smoking process, you need to add 1-2 cups of wood chips for the last hour.
  • As the timer shows its finishing signs, you need to let the smoker cool down for some time after turning it off.

And your smoke is ready to treat you to tantalizing, succulent meals. Congrats you have just learnt how does an electric smoker work. Isn’t that great?

However complicated it might seemingly sound, with proper planning and adequate knowledge about the entire process, it is indeed quite simple. Cooking meat, fish, and vegetables in an electric smoker is an extremely easy process. 

The electric smoker is easy-to-use equipment featuring state-of-the-art functionalities to:

  • Reduce your active involvement and efforts
  • Make smoking food simple for you like never before.

Some Additional Tips

To make your food taste exactly the way you want, a few extra tips will definitely help:   

Go savvy with Air Dampers: 

Learn how to control the air dampers, which most electric smokers feature. Air dampers enable you to control the smoke level inside. By regulating the air dampers, you can also personalize the level of smoking to cater to your tastes. You can get a mild, slow, or high smoking of the meat by using the air dampers.

Follow the Manual Instructions: 

By following the manual instructions, you will quickly know how to cook different types of meat. Even if you are game for experimentation, knowing the manual instructions properly will make your experiments seamless and safe.

Utilize the Drippings to add piquancy: 

If your electric smoker features a drip tray, you can utilize the collected drippings instead of throwing them away. Use it to add some extra flavor to your smoked meat. It’s always tastier that way!!


So by now you should know how does an electric smoker work, but if you still have doubts regarding it then feel free to ask in the comments below. Electric Smoker is indeed a great invention of the mankind, so if you can make good use of it, then there’s nothing better than that.

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