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10 Foods that start with U:Fabulous and Healthy

Food is not only our basic requirement for survival, but it is also the fuel to our soul. The world of food items is vast. No matter if you are a foodie or not, there is so much to taste and explore. No offenses, though, but with so many countries and their cuisines, the world of food items has much to offer. So, let me be more specific and find out unique foods that start with U 

As unique is the letter U, similarly unique are the food items starting with the letter “U.” Now, this might turn into a mind-scratching riddle for some. But, before it takes a toll and you take it too seriously, here is a list of 10 fabulous and healthy foods that start with U, Read on! 

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Foods that start with U: Top 10 List
foods that start with U

awesomefoodFoods that start with U: An Unique List

1. Udon –


No food menu is complete without the mention of a Chinese dish. But here is a twist in this one. This is a Chinese dish from origin but is an important part of Japanese cuisine. Udon is a form of noodles that forms a major part of Japanese cuisine.

It consists of wheat and is thick as well as very chewy. Cooked in a soy-based broth, serve the Udon noodles with pieces of scallions. You can also find a topping of fried tofu, fish cake, prawns, and shrimps in this dish. Also, for those who are a fan of soupy things, just stir fry it and eat. The combination with a chili dip sauce is a lip-smacking one. 

2. U-No Bar –

U-No Bar

Reading the word bar, your sugar cravings might have struck your taste buds hardly. The U-No Bar is pretty like a candy bar. This bar comes with silver packaging and wrapping. To bring to your notice and render happiness to your taste buds, let me unveil the flavors of this bar. This bar contains truffles and almond bits.

Also, there is a thin layer of chocolate covered as well. Also, here is a thing to give an adrenaline rush to you. This chocolate bar also comes in mint flavor. Mint lovers, go and find this bar anywhere you can. 

3. Uthappam –


Dosa is a south Indian dish, and many foodies are already familiar with the preparation and the taste of this dish. The Tamil Nadu state of India knows this dish as Uthappam, whereas, in Karnataka, its other name is Uthappa. This is a very healthy dish and comprises of suji and topped with the goodness of many green vegetables.

This is not as thin as a typical dosa. Instead, this is thicker, softer, and is often served with a white topping. You can add peanuts to enhance the taste and eat it with coconut chutney or pudina chutney. Trust me; you will fall in love with the overall taste in an amazing way. 

4. Upma- 


Another South Indian dish topping the list of the food items starting with the letter “U” is Upma. Upma is also popularly known as Uppittu as well as Uppumavu. This is a kind of porridge that comes either with the help of semolina or rice flour.

Apart from the people of South India, this food item is generally eaten by the people of Sri Lanka. Mostly, people prefer to eat Upma as breakfast because it is light and has a high nutritional content. You can add as many of your favorite veggies as you want in this. Enhance the taste by adding the goodness of vegetables to it. 

5. Ugali – 


For all those porridge lovers out there, here is another option for you. However, this is one kind of porridge that is quite familiar and popular with the people of Africa. The name of this food item changes as per the change in the region of Africa. The ingredients of Ugali are maize, millets, sorghum flour that is also called cassava.

However, the most common ingredient is maize. The flour is first given a milk boil. In case you do not like milk, make use of water. The main aim is to make sure that there is such a stiff texture. You can draw similarly of this foo item with grits and polenta. 

6. Ukrainian Rolls – 

Ukrainian Rolls

Now, this is quite an easy one to guess. Having their origin from the Ukraine country, these rolls are a delicious treat to the mouth. They are popular with another name is pampushki. Talking about the texture and preparation, these dinner rolls are very soft and fluffy. Easily pull them apart for eating. And to enhance the taste, put toppings on them with the amazing taste of garlic along with the herbs.

Borsch is another Ukranian dish that is usually served with these rolls. Also, you can dip these rolls in a warm soup and enjoy the savory and curry taste. 

7. Umbu Fruit – 

Umbu Fruit

While talking about the name of different food items starting with the letter “U,” let us not forget the fruits to add to the list. Umbu fruit is commonly known as the Brazil plum. So, to tell you further, this fruit is a native of Brazil. You can find this fruit on the chaparral shrub or the Spondias tuberose, scientifically.

Find this fruit in the driest Brazil parts and is still plucked by hand in the modern era. However, the taste of this fruit is bitter and astringent. This fruit forms as a common ingredient for vinegar and pastes, along with many different desserts and drinks. 

8. Umami Burger – 

Umami Burger

The love for a yummy burger knows no bounds. This is a dish that is worth a try for sure. So basically, the word Umami has a Japanese reference. It describes any kind of meat, vegetable, food product, fish, or any dairy product that is juicy and has a savory taste. So, a juicy taste is precisely what you can expect from the Umami Burger. 

9. Umbricelli Pasta- 

Umbricelli Pasta

Giving tough competition to burgers is the yummy pasta that comes in all shapes and sizes. Umbricelli pasta finds its origination from Itlay and imagines it as spaghetti that gained weight. Going deep into the roots, it has originated from the Siena province. Also, to your surprise, this pasta is hand-rolled before it makes way to your plate and gradually to your stomach. Do not bother about the recipe, though, and enjoy the delicious flavor of vegetables and sauces that this pasta brings along. 

10. Urgelia Cheese – 

Urgelia Cheese

The list of food items starting with the letter “U” is incomplete without the mention of the utterly delicious cheese. Urgelia cheese is a semi-firm type of cheese that belongs to Spain. This has slight color and is a little nutty in taste. Use the cow’s milk while preparing this, and it is often suggested to melt and eat this type of cheese. 

Do you have a watery mouth already, after reading the above list of 10 foods that start with U? don’t you? 

The list of the unique foods that start with U is endless. Because food, taste, cuisines, traditions, as well as other variations, go hand in hand that makes every dish starting with the letter “U” different from others.

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