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Blender vs Mixer : All the Key Differences Discussed

What should you have in your kitchen? A hand blender or a hand mixer? You need both! They are two different appliances, and you need them for doing different sets of tasks. To that end, this blender vs mixer debate is going to help you decide what to choose and when. 

First, let’s start with knowing the difference between the two. 

blender vs mixer
Blender vs Mixer : What to Pick & When?

What are the Hand mixers

This appliance has two beaters. A handheld mixer is ideal for making dough and cake batters

The best part about a hand mixer is that you can use different attachments depending on the brand you are using. Naturally, with all these attachments, the capability of your blender increases to a great extent. 

Using a mixer, you can beat egg white cream and even pudding.

Mixer features:

  • Easy thumb access to all control features
  • Features a comfortable grip handle
  • Many hand blenders come with a count-up timer
  • It is lightweight
  • Standard stability

Benefits of a mixer:

Food variety:

The best thing about using this appliance is that it offers variety. A handheld mixer helps you process a lot of food items. Be it ice-creams or milkshakes; you can make them all using a mixer. Even for cracking nuts to add to your cereals, there is no parallel to a mixer.

Useful and less time consuming:

Thanks to a mixer, many things in the kitchen can be prepared in quick time without much effort. From chopping to whipping, a mixer can get it all done. This is of great help, especially if you have a gathering at home.  

Easy to maintain:

Not only are mixers easy to use, but cleaning them is also super easy. All you need is a good dishwasher and a soft sponge to clean the interior of a mixer. Wipe us dry with a soft cloth before storing the unit away after use. 

What Are Hand Blenders:

A hand blender is cylindrical and long with multiple steel blades. Thanks to its long body, hand blenders can be put in any tall glass or bowl to puree content. 

Thus blenders are also called immersion blenders. You can use one of these to make your brand of mayonnaise, smoothies, puree, and soup. 

Hand blenders are both powerful and convenient. They have multiple speed settings that you can use depending on what you are blending. For instance, while making a Popeye’s biscuit or a smoothie, you will need to run the blender for longer and faster. 

Cleaning a hand blender is also easy, as all the parts come off quickly. If you are using a smaller unit, you can chop garlic nuts and even herbs in it. 

Hand blender features:

  • These are light even when full
  • You have pre-programmed settings for soups, slush, and other recipes
  • Secure to use

Benefits of a blender:


Fiber intake is crucial for your digestive system. Thankfully, a blender keeps the fiber in fruits and veggies right in the smoothie or shake. Your detox drink prepared in a blender is both nutritious and balanced. 


Not everything prepared in a blender needs to be in a flowing water consistency. There are different modes on a blender that you can use to determine the food consistency. For instance, if you want to bite into the food chunk in your soup, you can choose a thicker consistency. A shake will, however, have a watery texture.

Make it easy to prepare vegetables:

If you have children at home, you know how difficult it is to include vegetables in their daily diet. However, with a blender around, this problem of yours can be solved easily. 

You can always blend chunks of veggies into a delicious drink for your children to have. Besides, a blender is also time-saving when it comes to preparing salads. You can coarsely chop all the ingredients and make yourself a lovely healthy meal.

Does not spike blood sugar levels:

When all fiber content is removed from your fruit juice, the liquid passes through your bloodstream and rapidly increases blood sugar levels. On the flip side, blender-made juices have fiber content. 

Thus the nutrients flow at a slower pace and do not increase the blood sugar levels.

Now that we have established the two products and their features, it’s time to look into the major differences between a blender and a mixer. 

Blender vs Mixer : What are the Differences

A blender is a liquidizer that is primarily used to turn things into their liquid form. Thus if you want to make yourself a detox drink or smoothie, you need a hand blender and mixer. Use a hand blender to turn your prepared apple into applesauce. 

A mixer, on the other hand, does not liquidize food. Its primary purpose is to combine all ingredients. Thus mixers are ideal for making dough, batters, and other baking-related things. 

It is advisable to use handheld mixers and blenders. They are lightweight and easy to use and are, of course, portable. However, these are not going to be as powerful as the countertop ones. 

Most handheld blenders come with a heat-resistant jar. Thus, you can very easily use it to blend hot soup without worrying about any accident. With your handheld mixer, you can beat eggs, cream, and butter for baking. Unfortunately, you cannot use hot ingredients in a mixer. 

If this “blender vs mixer” thing is still bothering you then do check out below section.

Things to Consider before Buying a Mixer and a Blender


Types of blade: The blade quality must be premium as it directly impacts the blender’s performance. A diamond-cut stainless steel blade is the best. 

Jar material: Though the jar does not determine the blender’s capacity, since you put the ingredients in it, you need to make sure it is of good quality. 


Speed: Make sure you buy a mixer with a higher RPM. The RPM determines how fast a grinder blade rotates per minute. If you are purchasing a unit for household use, anything between 18000-23000 is ideal. 

Blades: Stainless steel 304-grade blades are ideal. The quality of blades matter as low-quality ones gives way to oxidation and corrosion. The high-quality blades, on the other hand, remain sharper for longer. 

You may watch this video for better understanding of this blender vs mixer topic.

So which one should you opt for between blender vs mixer?

Both, actually. Both of these appliances are required in your kitchen as they have different uses. So you shouldn’t really bother much about the infamous blender vs mixer debate, as you would require both in your kitchen.

Even if you make juices in a mixer, it won’t turn out as good, and you can’t knead dough in a blender. So have both of these units handy and use them as per your requirement. 

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