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5 Best Induction Frying Pan Reviews and Buying Guide

As we all know, a frying pan is a major kitchen utensil without which your cookware set is incomplete. Among all kinds of cookware sets, the induction-based cookware is catching everyone’s attention.

The reason behind this is a major part of the population tends towards the alternate way of cooking, like induction, solar energy. So gathering all details about an induction-based frying pan becomes necessary.

Our article solely concentrates on this matter. And we will provide you with a list of the best induction frying pans along with some important buying guides. So let’s start exploring some best induction frying pans.

Best Induction Frying Pan Buying Guide
Best Induction Frying Pan Reviews

Best Induction Frying Pan : Our Top Choices

After researching over 10+ products, we finally got this best 5 induction frying pan. So don’t need to go anywhere else and check out the below section to get the details of the best 5 induction frying pan.

T-Fal C51782 ProGrade

This non-stick pan is made of hard titanium. It lasts for a long time and you can cook here fast and easily. The thermo-spot unique pre-heat indicator will tell you whether the pan is evenly heated or not.

The stainless steel handle is quite strong and safe to touch. This one is safe up to 500F temperature. As this one is dishwasher safe, you can easily clean it.

The capacity of this cookware is 4.73 liters. So it is pretty much compatible for large amounts of cooking.

T-fal C51782 ProGrade Titanium Nonstick Thermo-Spot Dishwasher Safe PFOA Free with Induction Base Saute Pan Jumbo Cooker Cookware, 5-Quart, Black
  • Hard Titanium reinforced non-stick interior for years of easy cooking and fast cleanup
  • Thermo-Spot unique heat indicator to show when pan is properly preheated to seal in food's flavor
  • Riveted stainless steel handles are ergonomically designed for safety and comfort

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  • ANYONE CAN GO FOR IT: This pan is perfect for frying chicken and other dishes. Due to its large size, one can make any recipe at one go for all. 

The lid perfectly fits on it. So one can easily make soup or other boiled items. The short handle also gives more ease in maneuvering it. The pan is heated evenly. This is the best part of it.

  •  LIGHTWEIGHT AND MANAGEABLE: This frying pan is good enough for daily usage. As it is light in weight, one can easily handle it even with loaded food.

The ventilated lid is also perfect and releases the extra steam out of the pan. But make sure that you shouldn’t put the lid in a dishwasher. This will ruin the lid. Due to evenly heating, the food is well cooked even in medium heat.


Ergonomic design.
Pre-heat indicator.
Affordable price range.


Overheating loss non-stick performance.
Due to convex design, oil slid to the corner.

Utopia Kitchen Nonstick Frying Pan:

In this Utopic kitchenware, you will get three different sized frying pans altogether. The sizes of these frying pans are 8 inches, 9.5 inches, and 11 inches. So various cooking needs are satisfied with these.

These frying pans are suitable for all types of cooking like gas, electric and ceramic cooktop also. The handles are riveted well for safer cooking. The high-quality non-stick coating is PFOA, lead, and cadmium free.

Utopia Kitchen Nonstick Frying Pan Set - 3 Piece Induction Bottom - 8 Inches, 9.5 Inches and 11 Inches (Grey-Black)
  • The 3 piece frying pan set includes an 8 inch, 9.5 inch and 11 inch frying pans to fit you and your family’s varying cooking needs.
  • The induction bottom of the frying pans is suitable for all types of cooking; including electric and ceramic cook tops.
  • The professional grade aluminum makes the frying pan durable, light-weight and sturdy.

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  • MUST TRY THESE PANS: With the 3mm thick base, the experience of cooking is good enough. As the handle is made of Bakelite, you can easily handle it without any hand gloves or cloth.

As heavy aluminum is used in making this, these frying pans are quite sturdy. It is easy to clean with a sponge scrubber and a little bit of liquid dishwasher. The overall experience of cooking is more or less good enough.

  • QUALITY SEEMS GOOD: among many other non-sticks as well as induction frying pans, this one is quite impressive. As you get three different sizes in one purchase, people like to have it much.

The non-stick coating with a heavy aluminum base makes it more reliable. The food doesn’t stick on the surface. This is the best part of it.


✅ Three different user-friendly size.
✅ Bakelite heat proof handles.
✅ Price is on the lower side.


❌ Not dishwasher safe.
❌ The non-stick coating gets bubble up sometimes.


This induction-based non-stick frying pan is made of eco-friendly granite coating. So you can cook here easily. Foods don’t get stuck on the bottom. The diameter of this frying pan is 9.5 inches.

The 100% Lead, Cadmium, and PFOA-free material are used here. So it is safe to cook food. 4.5 mm thick bottom is induction friendly.

2 mm thick aluminum body, ensures uniform distribution of heat. This frying pan falls under the non-riveted one category.

ESLITE LIFE Nonstick Skillet Frying Pan with Nonstick Granite Coating (Without Lid, 10'')
  • ✅ Eco-friendly Non-Stick & Easy to Clean: ESLITE LIFE frying pan interior & exterior is coated by high performance non-stick granite coating, easy to cook and clean. Cooking with little oil for healthy diet, smokeless, green & healthy, great non-stick effect, ideal for using on low to medium heat.100% PFOA & PTFEs, LEAD, CADMIUM FREE.
  • ✅ Sturdy & Durability Body: Constructed of heavy-duty cast aluminum, combined the advantage of cast-iron and traditional riveted cookware, break resistant & does not warp, conducts heats quickly & evenly, the thicken induction compatible bottom provides a stable heat distribution during cooking, rapidly heating up, saves time and energy.
  • ✅ Used with Multiple Heat Sources: Design with perfect magnetized base which allows for rapid heat transfer and long-time use, it is perfectly suitable for gas, ceramic, electric, halogen or induction stoves, an ideal replacement solution for your aging, worn out, or failed cooking equipment. A perfect nonstick fry pan is the best cooking partner for you.

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  • HEALTHY COOKING: As we all know having too much oil in cooking is not good for health. This frying pan minimizes oil amount in cooking. You can cook absolutely tasty food with minimal oil.

As the food doesn’t stick, it becomes very easy to clean the pan. The sturdy and heat-resistant handle is also helpful enough. The customer care service provider is always there to remove any kind of problem-related to manufacturing or any malfunction of the frying pan.

  • BEAUTIFUL AND FUNCTIONAL: With the granite coating, this frying pan stands out from others and makes a beautiful appearance in your kitchen. The wooden finishing Bakelite handle is in contrast with body color.

Hamburger, French toast, omelet, chicken items, everything comes out perfect due to its uniform heating. As the price lies on the lower side, it is easily affordable to all.


✅ Can cook with little oil.
✅ Heats rapidly.
✅ Energy efficient.


❌  Not dishwasher safe.
❌  Not applicable on the oven

RAVELLI Italia Linea 51

RAVELLI frying pan is an Italy-based manufacturing company.  The pan size is 9.5 inches. So it’s perfect for any family. The riveted stainless steel handle is hollowed. You can hang it easily in your kitchen.

You can smoothly grip the handle and move it from place to place. Due to the flat induction base, the heat spreads evenly and perfectly cooks the food. This frying pan is also dishwasher safe.

RAVELLI Italia Linea 51 Professional Non Stick Induction Frying Pan, 9.5inch
  • Linea 51 the Chef's Choice in Frying Pans are induction capable and Made in Italy
  • Each Professional Grade Pan is crafted to perfection with our specalized 5 Layers of PFOA free Non-stick coating allows you to cook healthier with less oil
  • Designed and Crafted entirely in Italy From the highest quality materials to ensure optimal heat distribution.

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  • DECENT PRODUCT: This frying pan is made of good quality products. So longevity and durability are to a higher extent. Whenever you are in a hurry to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner, cook it in this pan. As it heats up quickly, make your food in less time.

If you want to deep fry anything or just sauté veggies or chicken, everything comes out perfect. You can easily wash it in a dishwasher. But you don’t have any then manual washing is also simple.

  • TRULY A NONSTICK ONE: The side curvature of this pan is quite high. So the food doesn’t spill off the pan. You can stir the food vigorously. As the base is a heavy one, you can cook food from low to high heat conditions.

There is no problem regarding food getting stuck on the pan even with minimal oil. 


✅  5 layers of non-stick coating.
✅ Sturdy handle.
✅ Energy efficient.


❌ The handle gets hot.
❌ Doesn’t come with any lid.

Frying Pan with Lid, MSMK 12″ Large Non-stick

The best induction frying pan list will not be completed without this frying pan. Diamond and Titanium coating is used here, in making this frying pan. Due to the non-stick coating, it releases food easily. And cleaning it is also very simple.

If you don’t want to bother yourself with cleaning it, you can put it into the dishwasher also. It gets heated fast so it will save more energy as well as your expense.

MSMK 12-inch Large Nonstick Frying Pan with Lid, Titanium and Diamond Non Stick Coating From USA, 4mm Stainless Steel Base Induction Compatible, Oven Safe, Dishwasher Safe Fry Pan
  • Heavy-gauge 4mm Stainless-steel bonded Anti-Warp bottom, induction Heat Transfer is much faster than with other nonstick pan, heats more evenly, smooth No Hole bottom is designed to avoid scratching up the Stove Top
  • Unrivaled Durable Nonstick: MSMK Non-stick pans allow you to more easily flip seafood than the original non-stick pan while still getting that the restaurant-quality sear
  • Ergonomic Stay-Cool Stainless-steel handle which always stays cool while cooking and has a good grip, meaning it is easy to flip food, the handle can prevent water and oil from entering into the handle, which is easier to clean than other stainless steel handles

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  • PERFECT PAN FOR OMELETTE: The sloping side of this pan helps to make the perfect omelet. Due to this, you can easily flip and swirl the omelet without breaking it. So you are going to have a nice omelet on everyday breakfast.

The thick bottom and fast heating make the food really fast. The long handle is perfect to grip and move the pan while cooking.

  • RECOMMENDED ONE: Due to the non-stick coating, a single drop of water will remain on the top after washing it. The depth and diameter of the pan are perfectly designed. Whenever you make grilled steak, it comes out perfectly juicy and soft and cooked evenly in every part.

As it is suitable for an oven, you can bake items in it. Sometimes you can clean it with just a damped towel. Nothing will stick on this.


✅ Suitable for all stovetops.
✅ Comes with a vented glass lid.
✅ Oven safe up to 450F.


❌ The price is on a slightly higher end.
❌ After a long cooking, the handle gets warm.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Induction Frying Pan

Anyone can buy a frying pan. But to get the best one, you need to consider a few factors while purchasing. So let’s check out the below list.

1) Frying pan material: In a modern styled induction-based frying pan, different types of materials are used. These are:

(i) Aluminium
(ii) Copper-clad stainless steel;
(iii) Aluminium clad stainless steel,
(iv) Carbon steel,
(v) Hard anodized aluminum.

Among these frying pans, aluminum is a great conductor of heat. So it’s heated up easily. It is also rust and corrosion-free. The hard anodized frying pan is effective against starch and dent.

The stainless steel one is light in weight and dishwasher safe.

Copper clad and aluminum clad stainless steel frying pans are in high demand. They are a great conductor of heat. So they save more energy than other types of frying pans.

2) Bottom thickness: The bottom thickness of frying pans varies from brand to brand. It is recommended to choose a frying pan with a thick bottom near about 3 to 4 mm thick. The thickness of the bottom is directly proportional to the durability and longevity of the frying pan.
The bottom thickness is mentioned on the disclaimer of the product. So before having a frying pan, you must check it.

3) Riveted v/s non-riveted: Riveted handles are sturdier than non-riveted ones. As they are permanently attached to the body, they don’t get loosen. The one drawback of this is you need to be a bit more careful while cleaning it. Because food items are stuck to the edges of it.
While in the case of a non-riveted one, the rivet heads are fixed into the body of the frying pan. So there is no interference while cooking. And cleaning the pan becomes easier. But it gets loosen after several uses.

4) Type of handle: Mainly three types of handles are used in a frying pan. These are Stainless steel handles, Aluminium handles, and silicon handles.

The aluminum handle gets heated faster than the stainless steel handle. If the handle is made in a hollow structure then also it remains cool while cooking. But for an aluminum or stainless steel handle, you need silicon mitts or a cloth to handle the pan.

In the case of silicon, one is designed with a cool in touch feature. That means it will remain cool even after several hours of cooking. So silicon handles are more preferable than others.

5) Price: The price of a frying pan varies from $20 to $50 even $70. In these huge price ranges, you can easily find your compatible one. the quality of the product also varies with the price tag.

It is recommended to try not to compromise with the quality of the product. Many manufacturers give you a better product within a reasonable price range. Sometimes you need to dig your pocket a little more to get a better product.

6) Warranty: Warranty is that thing which consumers must check before having anything. Higher warranty periods define the durability of that product. Usually, a frying pan’s warranty period comes within 1 to 2 years. Some cheap quality products give 6 months of warranty. You need to check this out carefully.

Best Induction Frying Pan FAQs

Can any PAN be used on an induction cooker?

Induction based cooking surface works well on any kind of stove top. But when it comes to induction based cookware, you need to be specific in choosing your cookware. 

Every kitchenware isn’t suitable for an induction top. The pan made of stainless steel works well on an induction cooktop, specifically speaking magnetic grade of stainless steel.

Are induction cooktop safe?

Yes, induction cooktops are absolutely safe to use. The cooking surface doesn’t get hot like other cooking techniques. Apart from these, there are no leakage issues like gas leakage on the gas top. The pan gets heated due to electromagnetic fields.

Is it bad for your health if eating food cooked in induction cooktops?

The working procedure of an induction cooktop is the pan is heated up by an electromagnetic field. But there is no need to worry much about this factor. The emitted field is very small in frequency. 

So it’s not going to harm your health. As the food is well cooked with the right amount of heat so any other health related concerns are also eliminated. 

Can you damage an induction hob by using wrong pans?

Induction cooktop works only if you put an induction friendly pan or cookware on it. Then it will generate the electromagnetic field and your pan starts heating up. 

But if you put a glass, aluminium or copper cookware on an induction cooktop, the electromagnetic field will not generate and your cookware will not get heated up. 

So if you mistakenly put any other cookware on an induction cooktop, it will not damage your cookware. 


Most people have a frying pan in their kitchen. But few are aware of whether it is induction friendly or not. Having an induction-friendly frying pan has many positive sides that you can’t ignore.

So if you are planning to switch your frying pan to an induction-based one then you must go through this article. Here every single detail of choosing a perfect frying pan is given. You can also choose the best one from our recommended top 5 list of Best Induction Frying Pan.

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