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Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Fryer: The Best Guide Ever

Healthy living has become the latest buzzword around the world. People from every age category are now focusing on improving the quality of their life. Thus came Zumba, detox drinks, Keto diet, calorie-free ice creams, and a lot more. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Fryer
Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Fryer Discussed

One such innovation towards “healthy living” is air frying. Unlike conventional frying methods using a handsome amount of oil, air fryers use a hot air mechanism to fry, grill, and bake food. Thus, the oil used in the cooking is negligible!

But don’t rush off to buy one just yet. We have a list of advantages and disadvantages of Air Fryer ready for you to consider before that. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Fryer : A Complete List

Advantages of Air Fryer:

Easy cleaning:

Most air fryers have dishwasher-safe parts. Thus they are super easy to clean. The basket tray and pans in the air fryer can be washed like any other dishes at your home with plain soap and water. 

The best part is you can choose any dishwasher you want. However, check the instruction manual of your particular model before you assemble the fryer again.

Less messy:

As known, air fryers don’t use a lot of oil. Thus cleaning such units is also less messy. Mostly all you need is a mix of soap and water to eliminate the minimum grease it produces.

Safe use:

All air fryers are self-contained cooking units. It protects you from the heating element within the unit and any form of oil splatter caused due to the cooking.

Unlike other fryers, an air fryer does not burn anything near it. So having it around kids and pets is safe. The gadget does not run the risk of starting any fire within one’s household. The auto-shutdown feature of this device is also cool. 

It shuts down as soon as the timer goes off, so you need to worry about your food getting chard. 

Economical unit:

Cooking oil is expensive, especially if you buy an exotic variety and that too for a party or gathering. 

To host a proper party with fancy chips and dips, you need at least a gallon of cooking oil and face it; that is quite a hole in your pocket. 

But again, some may say that you can reuse the oil. True, you can, but once it goes rancid, you have no option but to throw it away. 

An air fryer helps you with that. First, you don’t need a gallon of oil to feed your guest. Second, a gallon of oil should last quite a few months if you use an air fryer daily.

Countertop deep fryers require a lot of power to operate. Air fryers, on the other hand, require less energy and heat up quickly. 

The low use of oil and power consumption make air fryers much more desirable than conventional deep fryers. 

Healthier food:

Note: One tablespoon of cooking oil has about 120 calories and about 10-14 grams of fat. 

However, you cannot use just one tablespoon of oil while using a deep fryer. 

With an air fryer, one tablespoon is just enough. So, air-fried food contains fewer calories and fat compared to its deep-fried counterparts. 

In a deep fryer, the food is almost submerged in oil which is absorbed by the food. An air fryer does nothing of that sort. However, it does result in textured, healthier, and crunchy food. 

Takes up less space:

A typical air fryer is 1 foot cubed, which is smaller than all of your kitchen appliances. Since its size is something between a toaster and a coffee maker, storing it is no problem. 

Store it away when not in use and set it up when required.

Though overall, the unit does look smart, many people don’t like the basket that sticks out from the front of the air fryer. 

As per some users, an air fryer is not aesthetically appealing, so they prefer to keep the unit in the pantry. 

But the sum of the advantages makes it worth considering to buy an air fryer. 

However, not everything about an air fryer is great. This brings us to its disadvantages. 

Disadvantages of Air Fryer:

Longer cooking time needed:

If you are in a rush to serve your guests, an air fryer may not be the ideal option since it takes quite a bit of time to get things started. 

While a traditional fryer might take 5-10 minutes to cook, an air fryer will take 25-30 minutes to cook items like Chicken Florentine. Plus, you need to warm an air fryer for sometime before using it.

Limited capacity:

A coffee maker-sized gadget can’t fry a lot of food at a go. Thus, you need to cut small food prices to fit it into the fryer. This again increased the time required for the food to cook. Therefore an air fryer is only ideal for reheating already cooked food, say like a pizza slice. 

Some food may lack crunch:

On a conventional countertop fryer, all food items are submerged in oil. This ensures that every part of the food item is well cooked and even. Thus, fried food ends up tasting crunchy and we’ll-made. 

Air fryers may be healthy and economical, but they do not make crunchy well-fried food, thus not being palatable for some users. Air-fried food is not always crunchy. Even if you add more oil to the cooking, it does not look and taste like actual “fried food.” 

Easy dry out:

The only purpose of using an air fryer is the limited use of oil. However, the resulting food turns out dry. While this may not be a problem with certain foods, you need to be very careful while making something crispy. 


We all have overcooked our meats at one point in time. The blacked crust that forms on the top of the meat is called acrylamide. Though some find that caramelized slightly burnt meat tasty, it is not particularly good for your health. 

The problem is acrylamide forms on meat quite commonly while air frying. So make sure you clean it off before eating it. 

Air Fryers are expensive:

Though affordability varies from one person to another, if you want a well-functioning air fryer, you spend a significant amount of money. 

Whether to buy or not buy an air fryer depends hugely on what you consider ideal. If healthy eating is your primary target, getting an air fryer is, of course, advisable. However, it won’t have the texture of conventionally fried food. 

So weigh the advantages and disadvantages of Air Fryer before you buy one. 

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