About the Author

charles helms

Hey guys, I am Charles Deal, the owner of this blog and an artist in preparing food. While people can call me a chef, I would call myself an artist- after all, creating is an art.

My passion for creating food started with me always being a food critic when I was a kid. When my mother cooked food for me, I used to stand beside her watching how her skilful hand takes over every dish. My father has been an excellent chef as well, surprising us with new dishes occasionally. I believe, however much I can cook today is because I grew up seeing them being passionate about the food they eat and taking utmost care in the steps they follow while cooking. 

While I have learned most of my cooking skills from both my parents, I pushed my edges beyond the conventional and mixed tastes of various countries and spices to prepare the heavenly dishes. With hours of devotion to the kitchen and years of experience with family and other professional chefs, I now wish to impart my knowledge to you guys here at AwesomeFood so that even you can start licking your fingers after you are done with the plate.